NAND Pro for iPhone/iPad

NAND Pro is a cutting-edge solution for repairing, programming, reading, and upgrading NAND/IC chips in iPhones and iPads, delivering high-speed performance for enhanced repair efficiency.

Smart Boot Algorithm

Our cutting-edge smart boot detection algorithm uses advanced techniques to write boot information into any known or unknown chips, eliminating the need for further development requests.


Our Simple User Interface offers the best user experience, providing easy access and centralized control for a seamless navigation.

Complete Package

Get everything you need for iPhone and iPad repair with our complete solution, including software, hardware, and socket, all in one convenient package.

Hardware Protocols

The NAND Pro boasts comprehensive support for all known protocols, including the advanced and rare PPN (Perfect Page New) and NAND protocols, especially for LGA52/LGA60 packages with 8-bit interface. With a swift transfer rate of 8-12 MB/s, the NAND Pro offers a highly efficient solution for repairing and upgrading NAND chips.


The Chip-off method requires expert micro soldering skills for successful NAND IC repair and maintenance.


Efficient Maintenance and Repair for NAND ICs with NAND Pro.

Use NAND Pro hardware and software to read, write, and repair NAND ICs, including both 32-bit and 64-bit models.

Advanced NAND IC repair requires proficiency in removal (chip-off) from device logic boards.

NAND Pro: Your All-in-One Solution
Upgrade Memory

Easily transfer old disk information to a new disk using specific device details with NAND Pro.

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Disk Errors

Old and worn NAND disk surfaces are susceptible to corruption and require special software attention to restore proper functionality.

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Accessing DATA

With NAND Pro, you have the ability to access all mounted disks on the NAND disk and view individual banks or the entire disk as a whole.

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Simplifying Operations

Service centers and technicians in mind, offering an efficient and streamlined operation by providing a full NAND database and a vast collection of boot models to boost productivity.

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