NAND Pro for iPhone/iPad  :

NAND Pro is a high speed programmer for repairing / programming / reading / upgrading iPhone and iPad NAND / ICs Chips.  Advanced hardware repair with NAND Pro requires you to be proficient in NAND IC removal (chip-off) from the Device logic board , once removed you can read / write / repair the NAND IC using NAND Pro hardware and software with the supports of 32 bits and 64 bits NAND ICs


Software and Hardware Protocols :

NAND Pro supports all known protocols even the unique protocols such as PPN (Perfect Page New) and NAND protocols especially for the LGA52/LGA60 Packages using 8-bits with the average transfer rate is 8-12MB/s depending on NAND Chip

iOS Functions  : 

NAND Pro User interface supports changing NAND and Device information

Upgrade Memory

moving old disk information to new disk using your device details

Disk Errors

Old and Used NAND Disk Surface might get corrupted and might need a special software touch

Accessing DATA

You can access all the disk's mounted on the NAND Disk and access all the BANKS separately or as whole

Smart Boot Detect

Smart Boot Detection algorithm will let you write / extract boot information from the NANDs easily

NAND Pro supports TSOP48, LGA52, LGA60, TSOP56, BGA100, BGA152, BGA154, BGA224, Monolithic chips Samsung, Sandisk, Hynix, Toshiba, Intel, Micron and others

Smart Boot Algorithm

Cutting-edge techniques implemented in to smart boot detection algorithm thus will make write boot information into any known/unknown chips to make it without further development request.

Easy to USE

Simple User Interface with best user experience the one provide easy access and all controls at one time

Complete Package

We send to our customers as a complete package Software , Hardware and Socket as complete solution for iPhone and iPad Repair