19 Jul

Long time no see

Since our last blog post a lot of happened in the development of NAND Pro

  • Lots of New Devices supported.
  • Config SYS color functions added.
  • Some Bug fixes .

You can find all of these in changelog  status .

This is how NAND Pro V1.21 looks like now .

20 Mar

AUTO – Check Flash

Lots of NAND Devices added recently you can check our changelog.

We are happy with alot of feedbacks from our customers  there is this unique feature will help you detect the compatibility of the NAND with the device you want to use with , which is very helpful and saves a lot of time when you deal with the hardware . !  #nandpro #nomore_Error 9 

Best Regards

NAND Pro Team

27 Feb

NAND Flash types

We have a new function in V1.10 control the nand compatibility with the target selected device .

NAND Pro  Support SLC , MLC , TLC NAND’s  those used on iPhone/iPads  but what are these NAND and what are the differences !

Can you use all these NAND’s mixed-up on any device ?

Answer is : “NO” !

But we made this easier for NAND Pro customers.

Let's take a look quick reference for these flash types and understand the main differences .

The Single Level Cell flash is so called for it’s single bit that can either be on or off when charged. This type of flash has the advantage of being the most accurate when reading and writing data, and also has the benefit of lasting the longest data read and write cycles.

MLC flash as it’s name suggests stores multi bits of data on one cell.
The big advantage of this is the lower cost of manufacturing versus manufacturing SLC flash.

Storing 3 bits of data per cell, TLC flash is the cheapest form of flash to manufacture. The biggest disadvantage to this type of flash is that it is only suitable for consumer usage, and would not be able to meet the standards for industrial use. Read/write life cycles are considerably shorter at 3,000 to 5,000 cycles per cell.

  • Fastest
  • Lower Density
  • High Cost
  • 100K Life Cycle
  • Slower
  • Higher Density
  • Cheaper
  • 30K Life Cycle
  • Slower
  • Highest Density
  • Cheapest
  • 5K Life Cycle
In order to get larger spaces in devices and newer devices used cheaper NAND's which has less life-cycle and slower but cheap
New NAND Pro Feature will inform you that which flash you have to use or you cant use on these devices .


NAND Pro Team

10 Feb

Basic Manual

Detect - Config - Select - Mod and Repeat

It’s time that we should explain some basics steps of configuration for our customers and this is mostly how it is done .

1 - Detect

Detecting as the first step of the process

We just have to make sure that the NAND IC inside the socket well placed .

2- Config

So in case there is no error with detecting thenand we can go to step 2 to start configuration for the NAND

3- Select

Select the NAND Model from the list That Match with your NAND

4- Mod

This is the critical part customers usually confused.

So nothing wrong with the loading pre-configured configurations but in this part you should add your device information fill in the UI and as a final step .

Write Boot !


18 Jan

NAND Pro V1.05

NAND PRO V1.05 is out

We have re-worked the boot and routing with the User Interface
and we have new boot files and models in the software ..

Critical bug fix :

[Bug Fix ]

  • #ID Does not match when model selecting
13 Jan

NAND Pro speaks your language V1.04

NAND Pro V1.03 and NAND Pro V1.04 is out .

We have had two updates in a row this week .

Lots of New NAND’s are supported with re-routed .
New Selections to the software in order to make it faster and cleaner interface.
32 bits and 64 bits smart algorithm is still up-to date and very efficient .

Here is the progress of the devices we have had with .

  • #iPad Mini
  • #iPad Mini 2
  • #iPad Mini 3
  • #iPad Mini 4
  • #iPad 2
  • #iPad Air
  • #iPad Air 2

We have tested our software on several computers and fixed the issues with the
elements of the form re-organized and adjusted for all computer displays .

New Languages on the User Interface in order make it more friendly ,
NAND Pro speak your language now .

  • #Chinese Language added.
  • #Turkish Language added.
  • #Spanish Language added.
  • #Indonesian Language added.
  • #Thai Language added.

and if you want to add your language please download the language file

and send us : oz@nand-pro.com

03 Jan


NAND PRO V1.02 is out

There are some changes and faster operations due to model selections .

Release Notes  : 

We have tested following NANDs corrected boot routing with iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S / iPhone 5 Devices and made some improvements for the software and model Selection of the UI
    • #H2JTEG8VD1BMR 32G
    • #H2JTEG8VD3MBR 32G
    • #THGBX4G8D4LLFYC 32G
    • #H2JTFGYD1BMS 64G
    • #THGBX4G9T4KLF0C_64G

#64 Bits on iPhone 5S

    • #SDMALBB8-064G
    • #H2JTEG8VD3MBR 32G
23 Dec

iPhone 6 Upgrade – 16 to 128 GB

Upgrading iPhone’s internal storage is very common among the technicians or for the mobile repair shops who has figured out this process

But some part is frustrated because of not enough manuals or lack of user manuals to put things together and most important part is that iOS11 or latest iOS version problems !

Yes we have fixed all and there is a video online shows how it is done !!

Enjoy !

NAND Pro Team

09 Dec

LGA60 Socket Pin Mark 1

Figure 1

LGA 60 Socket for NAND Pro

This is built with best materials and if you are ever familiar with the sockets and the pins technology this is built with the Japanese POGO-PIN technology.

IC Marking notice :

Our socket is compatible with

  • LGA 60 (  12×17  )
  • LGA 60 (  14×18  )

Above IC  packages those which covers all iPhone 4/5/6 NAND ICs and due to it is removable and replacable frame for different sizes it might be reversed when it is mounted on the socket but for the marking of the IC you can always consider the base PCB

NAND Pro Socket PCB ( Figure 1 )

10 Nov

We are Ready !

NAND Pro is Ready !

It’s been long Journey :

We have been working on  Nand Pro to make it very efficient and useful product for the few business fields and as a final product with full compatible advanced programmer for the NAND Devices ready to Roll !!

I hope we will enjoy this journey together  !

Nand Pro Team