18 Jan

NAND Pro V1.05

NAND PRO V1.05 is out

We have re-worked the boot and routing with the User Interface
and we have new boot files and models in the software ..

Critical bug fix :

[Bug Fix ]

  • #ID Does not match when model selecting
13 Jan

NAND Pro speaks your language V1.04

NAND Pro V1.03 and NAND Pro V1.04 is out .

We have had two updates in a row this week .

Lots of New NAND’s are supported with re-routed .
New Selections to the software in order to make it faster and cleaner interface.
32 bits and 64 bits smart algorithm is still up-to date and very efficient .

Here is the progress of the devices we have had with .

  • #iPad Mini
  • #iPad Mini 2
  • #iPad Mini 3
  • #iPad Mini 4
  • #iPad 2
  • #iPad Air
  • #iPad Air 2

We have tested our software on several computers and fixed the issues with the
elements of the form re-organized and adjusted for all computer displays .

New Languages on the User Interface in order make it more friendly ,
NAND Pro speak your language now .

  • #Chinese Language added.
  • #Turkish Language added.
  • #Spanish Language added.
  • #Indonesian Language added.
  • #Thai Language added.

and if you want to add your language please download the language file

and send us : oz@nand-pro.com

03 Jan


NAND PRO V1.02 is out

There are some changes and faster operations due to model selections .

Release Notes  : 

We have tested following NANDs corrected boot routing with iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S / iPhone 5 Devices and made some improvements for the software and model Selection of the UI
    • #H2JTEG8VD1BMR 32G
    • #H2JTEG8VD3MBR 32G
    • #THGBX4G8D4LLFYC 32G
    • #H2JTFGYD1BMS 64G
    • #THGBX4G9T4KLF0C_64G

#64 Bits on iPhone 5S

    • #SDMALBB8-064G
    • #H2JTEG8VD3MBR 32G