23 Dec

iPhone 6 Upgrade – 16 to 128 GB

Upgrading iPhone’s internal storage is very common among the technicians or for the mobile repair shops who has figured out this process

But some part is frustrated because of not enough manuals or lack of user manuals to put things together and most important part is that iOS11 or latest iOS version problems !

Yes we have fixed all and there is a video online shows how it is done !!

Enjoy !

NAND Pro Team

09 Dec

LGA60 Socket Pin Mark 1

Figure 1

LGA 60 Socket for NAND Pro

This is built with best materials and if you are ever familiar with the sockets and the pins technology this is built with the Japanese POGO-PIN technology.

IC Marking notice :

Our socket is compatible with

  • LGA 60 (  12×17  )
  • LGA 60 (  14×18  )

Above IC  packages those which covers all iPhone 4/5/6 NAND ICs and due to it is removable and replacable frame for different sizes it might be reversed when it is mounted on the socket but for the marking of the IC you can always consider the base PCB

NAND Pro Socket PCB ( Figure 1 )